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Feelings Issue 1: Cars

12.00 / Sold Out

Feelings issue 1: Cars

112p / 15x21cm / includes a double-sided poster

Featuring :
1. Harlekin Cars, a visual guide to these involuntary steel mosaics decorating the streets, in collaboration with Etienne Akroe Bardelli.
2. Paris Suburbs by Cars, a tribute to Lee Friedlander’s own America by Car, in collaboration with Benjamin Marius Petit.
3. Séries Limitées, a catalog of retro logos photographed over the years in Europe, all coming from an era when car companies just had to find a cool sounding name to release a brand new limited edition model. Great designs AND great names printed on cheap vinyl stickers.
4. Paul Loubet Drives with No Licence, a carte blanche to the great Paul Loubet.
5. Fordite. It looks like a gem but it’s not : it’s industrial, it’s from Detroit and it’s eye-blowing.
6. Cars + Pools, courtesy of Google Images Search.